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Welcome to all yoga lovers!!!

Nepalaya Yoga Studio at Thamel, Kathmandu.

Dear all yoga lovers, yoga practitioner, and yoga teachers,

Namaste from the country of Himalaya, Nepal.

Nepalaya yoga studio, under Hotel Nepalaya, welcomes you in a peaceful environment at the corner of Thamel, Kathmandu.  If you are thinking to rediscover peace in your inner world, and want to be uplifted spiritually, Nepalaya Yoga Studio is very helpful for you. Hotel Nepalaya provides a natural and delicious food, lodging with a favorable environment for learning yoga and meditation. The motherland of Yoga, Nepal, has tried to share various styles of yoga and its amazing experience throughout the World. Hotel Nepalaya with Nepalaya Yoga Studio is established to fulfill this goal. The yoga course is designed in a dynamic way to make suitable for all levels of yoga students. Beginners get a chance to start yoga and enter in the new yogic world. Intermediate yoga practitioners can expand their knowledge and elevate the practice. Advanced level students can get a better environment to go deep in yoga and experience its real peace. There is no bar of flexibility, strength, religion, ism, sects, place, age and gender. Yoga is for all the human beings of the world to attain healthy, happy and harmonious life. Yoga and meditation courses conducted at Nepalaya Yoga Studio focus not only on physical postures but also in spiritual balance and wellness. The higher practice of this course allows going beyond physical exercise into the deeper realms of yoga. Many people have a question when and where to start the yoga journey? The simple answer is here at Nepalaya Yoga Studio and now. If your interest is in physical, mental and spiritual growth, Nepalaya yoga studio offers the best Yoga Teacher Training course, variety of yoga retreat course and different healing courses. It offers 200-hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training. If you don’t have enough time then you can join in short duration yoga and meditation retreat as the school offers short duration yoga and meditation retreat course for travellers, trekkers and yoga seekers. Yoga workshops conducted at Nepalaya Yoga Studio are in a perfect way to gain the idea of how to keep continuing when you back at your home.

The experienced and award winner renowned yoga teachers will help you to explore your body through Yoga poses; make the mind calm and peace through breathing exercise (pranayama) as well as meditation. You can set the tone for your day for a strong and flexible body, a steady and calm mind and live being connected to spirit. Daily yoga classes of Nepalaya Yoga Studio will get you started and allows you to navigate your day with a sense of inner strength, serenity. Nepalaya Yoga Studio focuses on the mind to give good training for your monkey mind to be peace, harmonious and steady. The mind becomes prepared to realize the micro level of yogic energy in each movement by slow gentle warm-up exercises and sun salutation and other different postures.

The teaching technique of Nepalaya Yoga Studio is more gentle and relaxing with a focus on correct movement, poses, breathing and awareness. In fact, yoga is the key to sound health, vitality and a clear mind. It enables the practitioner to restore the harmonious balance of body, mind, and emotions, which creates total health and renewed energy. The practices of yoga combined with self-discipline, yogic lifestyle, diet, and holistic health. Yoga teaches the art of living, aging gracefully and dying beautifully. Yoga is the best way to promote self-healing, wellbeing, and balance. Yoga can be a great way to cleanse and heal the subtle energy body and thus, create rejuvenation- physically and psychologically.

This residential short yoga retreat course at Nepalaya Yoga Studio under Hotel Nepalaya is much more than techniques of the physical aspect of yoga. You can explore Kathmandu city during the daytime and enjoy the morning and evening yoga session with expert yoga masters. You will be supported by the yoga family for everything during the stay in Nepal. Your stay at Hotel Nepalaya won’t be the relation for a few days but the relation and love continue forever. You will get support in medical illness, trekking, hiking, traveling, shopping and to choose the best experience in Nepal. Our main goal is to conduct a yoga hotel in a spiritual environment with love and compassion where you can get the environment of yoga Ashram.

Nepalaya Yoga Studio provides Reiki Healing course which cures various physical, mental diseases. You can become a Reiki Master with Reiki Training Course. Reiki Courses are very beneficial to achieve stress-free life. Sound healing and chakra awakening course are effective to balance to good positive energy in body and mind.

Nepal is the land of medicinal herbs. So, Nepalaya Yoga School conducts Ayurveda and spa packages, which are effective for both preventive and curative approach of disease. This is a unique yoga school dedicated to transforming lives through Yoga, Meditation, Soul Healing, Reflexology (Acupressure), Astrology etc. Nepalaya Yoga studio offers a life-changing course for you to grow strength, mental stability, and peace.

Nepalaya Yoga School provides a transformational yoga teacher training and yoga retreat experience that allows you to live your true nature. We invite you to come to expand your mind, open your heart and change your life. The main features of Nepalaya Yoga Schools are as follows:

Special Features of Nepalaya Yoga School are as follows:

  • Peaceful yoga studio and yoga hotel under the single roof in the corner of Thamel.
  • Come and learn about all aspect of yoga: posture, meditation, chanting, breathing science and nurture your body mind and soul.
  • Registered Yoga Teachers’ Training Course by experienced teachers.
  • Free consultation of different problems direct Yoga teachers and Ayurvedic doctors.
  • Daily yoga and Meditation classes
  • Acupressure (Reflexology) training and reflexology therapy
  • Soul Healing and Soul Meditation on your contact base.
  • Certified Yoga Teachers’ Training course (200hrs; 300 hours & 500hrs)
  • Yoga tour and trek, Yoga trip around Kathmandu
  • Ayurveda detox courses and relaxing course
  • Ayurveda Training course
  • Classes on contact base. (we will set your suitable time)
  • One to one class if required
  • No need to bring a yoga mat.
  • No need to previous experience.
  • Teaching yogic lifestyle including yogic diet, relaxation and positive way of thinking.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology classes with yoga teacher training course.
  • Also available peaceful Yoga retreat (Yoga Ashram) Just 5 km away from Thamel.
  • Regular Workshop on Yoga-Meditation (30 USD including lunch and whole day course)
  • Nepalaya yoga studio helps to connect with your highest self.
  • Get chance to register in yoga alliance on the completion of yoga teacher training course. You will become an international yoga teacher and able to teach all over the world.
  • Though Nepalaya Yoga Studio is located in the huge city, Kathmandu, you will get a very peaceful place inside the Yoga School.
  • Nepalaya yoga studio has a team of the professional yoga teacher who has a different experience with the different style of yoga.
  • Nepal Yoga Studio has a big comfortable yoga hall. It is challenging to find such a big hall in the city. You will be provided with all the requirements like a yoga mat, yoga break and yoga block etc. If anybody wants to have private yoga mat s/he can bring by her/himself.
  • We believe in Knowledge of teacher so we carefully selected renowned, award winner and skilled teachers.
  • During the course the students feel the environment like that of own home. We take care till you stay in Nepal.