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Whole day yoga workshop

Whole day yoga workshop (35 USD)

whole day yoga workshop

Whole day yoga workshop at Nepalaya Yoga School is designed by an expert group of yoga teachers to offer the workshop at the level best. Both types of people –beginners and regular yoga practitioner can participate here. Beginners learn a new way of life and regular yoga practitioner get an opportunity to deepen the knowledge and extend the level of practice. Many more things are taught here and made it to practice, though it is a course of short duration.

Nepalaya Yoga School conducts a whole day yoga workshop from 11 am to 5 pm in the peaceful environment of Thamel. It is under a spiritual Hotel named “Hotel Nepalaya” which provides hygienic and healthy food for yoga students. Yoga practice at Nepalaya Yoga School becomes worthwhile because of its pure, quiet beautiful place. Yoga hall is big enough with all required yoga stuff where the maximum number of people can practice yoga conveniently. It provides different options to practice yoga at the ground floor hall or a rooftop. At the rooftop i.e. 8th floor there is a beautiful flower garden to delight the mind. It allows you to view green high encircling mountain around Kathmandu valley. The various scene of snowy Himalayan, temples of Kathmandu, and the 360-degree view of Kathmandu etc. are some matter of delectation. It has positive vibrations to practice yoga where one gets felicity with the positive wave and vibration due to the effect of austerity of ancient and contemporary hermits. Many people come here and popjoy the beatitude of Yoga. The subject matters of whole day yoga workshop at Nepalaya Yoga School are:

  • Yoga and its meaning according to Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagawat Geeta and other related scriptures.
  • Fundamentals of eight limbs of Yoga:
  1. Yama
  2. Niyama
  3. Asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Pratyahara
  6. Dharana
  7. Dhyana
  8. Samadhi
  • Warm-up exercise
  • The practice of various asana (yoga poses)
  • pranayama (breathing control)
  • Practice of meditation
  • Various yogic mantras chanting
  • Yogic Relaxation
  • Health Tips

Whole day yoga workshop at Nepalaya Yoga School, under Hotel Nepalaya includes:

  • Delicious lunch
  • Special Herbal and Nepalese Tea
  • Beautiful Scene of the valley

Whole day yoga workshop is fit for all age group of males and females. If you have any physical complication, we try to work on it for early healing. It has no boundary at all. People from any caste, creed, profession, or religion can join here and enjoy the grace of yoga. The ancient gift, yoga, eradicate stress, sufferings and pain as well as increases understanding to deal with sorrows and problems. The whole day yoga workshop helps you to develop awareness and positivity in life. It takes you to the path of success enhancing the working efficiency in daily activities.

Why this course?

  • To make your Holiday special
  • To teach yoga from the motherland of Yoga Nepal
  • To provide the way to keep continue the practice when you back at home
  • For stress management
  • To develop a strong foundation of Yoga Path

If you are thinking about the yoga and meditation course but have the doubt where to start please start from here and now. Nepalaya Yoga school is ready to serve you.

Time Schedule

Time schedule for whole day yoga workshop is 11 am to 5 pm

11: 00 am –arrival

11:00 am to 11.30 am – tea and refreshment

11:30  to 1:00 pm- Yoga Asana

1: 00 pm to 2 pm Lunch

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm philosophy, chanting and meditation

3:00 pm to 3:30 pm tea and refreshment

3:30 to 5 pm Asana and pranayama

If you like have more tea you can enjoy one more cup of tea after 5 pm

This is sample schedule it could be changed according to the teacher, climate and topics

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!!