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10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

Duration: 10 days, Private Accommodation: 600 USD,  Shared Accommodation 500 USD

10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya can be the best chance to relax your holidays with the spiritual environment. Your 10 days will be comfortable from inside. Yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation styles are included in the retreat course. Yoga poses to enhance your physical fitness and health. Breathing exercises increase your mental strength. Meditation balances your mind and body. Especially, people practice Hatha yoga in the world. Ha means ‘sun’ whereas Tha means ‘moon’. Sun is the symbol of hot characteristic and the moon is the symbol of cold or coolness.

The lord Shiva invented yoga in the ancient time but it had been hidden for many centuries. When Patanjali, the father of Hatha yoga had discovered yoga and given the yoga philosophy to the entire world, yoga started to flourish in the eastern part. In the 20th century, yoga became popular worldwide. According to Patanjali yoga has 8 limbs and those 8 limbs are equally important. Hatha yoga seeks the balance between body and mind. It reaches to the level of spirit. The main tools of Hatha yoga are yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation styles. The main purpose of Hatha yoga is to bring harmony to body, mind, and spirit.

Maharishi Patanjali wrote a famous book about yoga which has become the handbook of yoga for this generation where he gave the concept of 8 limbs of yoga with196 Sutras. He introduced his philosophy of yoga about 400 A.D. The name of his book is Yoga Sutra, Yoga Formula in English.

10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya aims to give you the detailed knowledge about yoga with a peaceful environment. The retreat takes place in the tourist center of Nepal, Thamel. Kathmandu has a moderate temperature and you can assimilate with the climate easily. You can walk out to the city during your retreat class for your refreshment. This yoga retreat enables you to find your true nature which resides inside you. This retreat can be your breakthrough in life to start from a positive point. You can achieve the best outcomes after this Yoga Meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya.

The aim of Yoga Meditation is to get enlightened but at the beginning, Yoga Meditation starts to yield us physical and mental health. Without becoming healthy, we cannot be ready for the mindfulness. Mindfulness finally brings us to the level of higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is the quality of the people who gain enlightenment in their life.

10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya wants you to find your joy and happiness inside you by yourself. It is said that you are the only person who can make you happy or sad. This yoga retreat teaches you that the source of your happiness and sadness is you and only you. If you realize this concept, you can be happy forever. 10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya convinces you to give emphasis loving yourself.

Yoga Meditation is the most common factors for your total growth and development in your life. Yoga Meditation is the factors which enhance overall abilities of your life. There are a lot of evidence and scientific proofs that Yoga Meditation can be the solution to every problem of life. Yoga Meditation really is the part of our lifestyle and day to day life. Our life becomes full of stress without Yoga Meditation. Yoga Meditation adds extra effort to make this life smooth and comfortable.

As every one of the worlds seeks the inner beauty in their life, you may want to find the different identity in your life. The pure identity is possible through Yoga Meditation. You will realize your importance in this world to make the change by 10 Days Yoga Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya. Life seems to be beautiful to those who involve in Yoga Meditation or who are real yogis. Daily Yoga Meditation practice can lead you to the level of intuitive knowledge.