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3 Nights 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

Hotel Nepalaya is a specialized yoga hotel in Kathmandu at Thamel. 3 Nights 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya is middle-level yoga retreat which suits for every one of the world beginners to advanced learners and can be experienced by all trekkers (who comes in Nepal for trekking to Himalaya and beautiful part of Nepal) and some short time holiday person. This yoga retreat takes place in the tourist hub of Nepal, Thamel. This yoga retreat gives you a lot of positive vibration the rest of your life. It may become your turning point for your meaningful life ahead. You will get a happy and healthy life if you apply yoga in your daily life. You don’t have to give more time for yoga, you can give half an hour to 2 hours as your comfort, and you will be able to live your life as you wish.

3 Nights 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya is an amazing life-changing retreat course which leads you to your inner world. This is the inner journey to find your real you. You will discover your nature. You will be able to understand the meaning of life. Yoga and meditation are the part of yoga which heads to your purposeful life. They both can bring you to the different direction than your hectic life. They both are the cause of mental satisfaction and peaceful life. They both show you the unlimited power within you.

3 Nights 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya has a lot of benefits. The first benefit is that yoga and meditation give you the relaxation and physical health. Yoga and meditation provide you with the stress less life. We can get the real happiness through yoga and meditation which never fades up. Yoga increases the flexibility of your body whereas meditation increases the flexibility of the mind. You can get real freedom from the practice of both.

Yoga is the medium to find the inner self and to join that inner self with the supreme self. We are talking here about yoga pose which is the starting step in the yogic world. Yoga poses open the blockages of the body and keep us physically healthy. Yoga poses prepare our body for the meditation. Yoga poses increase the stretch of the body. Yoga poses eliminate all the pains of the body.

Meditation is the higher level of yogic practice. It is the easy and natural way of being stress-free life. Meditation is the way of peaceful life, a way of happy and healthy life. Meditation opens 72 thousand nerves of your body and makes your body light. It has the power to change hormones of the body. Regular practice of meditation enables us to be strong to handle our challenges easily. Meditation is the beautiful way of living. Meditation enables you to find your inner capacity, your inherent quality. Meditation increases the awareness in your life.

The most important benefits of 3 Nights 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya are as follows:

  1. Yoga and meditation both help us to be fit and fine. They are the main keys to open mentally and physically healthy and happy life.
  2. Yoga and meditation are the techniques which lead us to the decision-making power.
  3. Yoga and meditation are the sources of positive change in your life. They show you the right direction in your life.
  4. Yoga and meditation lead us to the inner journey of your life which gives you joy in your life.
  5. Yoga and meditation are the part of creative life.
  6. Yoga and meditation increase your mind power and strengthens your concentration level.
  7. Yoga and meditation are the most effective ways of inspiration in life.
  8. Yoga and meditation enable us to motivate us to grow further in your life.