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Therapeutic Yoga Teachers Training at Nepalaya Yoga Studio

Therapeutic Yoga Teachers Training at Nepalaya Yoga Studio

Therapeutic Yoga Teachers’ Training

Nepalaya Yoga Studio provides Therapeutic Yoga Teachers Training for the people of all countries. Nepalaya Yoga Studio is under the control of Hotel Nepalaya under the same roof. It is situated in the peaceful area of Thamel, Kathmandu.  Residence and food are provided in the hotel. Yoga and other spiritual activities are very favorable in Hotel Nepalaya. Nepal is a holy country. So, many foreigners come to Nepal for different spiritual practices. For the people who want to do yoga and other spiritual practices, Hotel Nepalaya is the best.

In today’s world, perfect health has become like a dream. Nobody is perfectly healthy. People have suffered from different diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, asthma, diabetes, anxiety, headache etc.  Allopathic medicine and modern doctors are unable to give the real health to the people. Patients keep using medicines and visiting doctors, but the disease is still uncured. Some people even become medicine addict as a result of using regular medicine. Sometimes it changes into drug addiction. People waste a lot of time and money for visiting doctors. Due to diseases, people cannot progress in their currier and life. Due to the polluted environment and chemicalized food, there is the rapid growth of the diseased person. Thus, Nepalaya Yoga Studio conducts the Therapeutic Yoga Teachers Training course at Thamel, Kathmandu.  After the course, you will able

Ø  To take the precaution of diseases

Ø  Identify the nature of the disease

Ø  Heal diseases through different types of Yoga-asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, yog-nindra, auto-suggestion, visualization, and meditation.

Ø  Understand the secrets and formulae of real health.

Ø  Cure the diseases of other people too.

After completing the course, You can use this knowledge in teaching Therapeutic Yoga Classes in any country in the world.