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Reiki Healing program in Hotel Nepalaya

Cost is 10 USD per 45 minutes healing
We also provide Reiki Training (Reiki 1st, Reiki 2nd, and Reiki 3rd) on your special demand

Mental peace is the demand of every person in the world. Reiki healing in Hotel Nepalaya is the best medium to bring peace in the mind, reliefs the pain of body and balances the emotions of the mind. Reiki is the best therapy for insomnia which is the foundation of all mental problems. Reiki improves our sleep and heals our emotions. Reiki helps to come out from sorrow and sadness. Reiki reduces the time of recovering from the surgery. Reiki speeds up the time to heal from the long-term diseases in the hospital. It has become real complimentary of the western allopathic medicine.

Hotel Nepalaya wants to provide you with a very effective healing system (Reiki healing) at Thamel in Kathmandu. Reiki healing and Reiki initiation are our focusing aspects of this course. Reiki helps to heal our body, mind, and spirit. It is a part of spiritual healing. Reiki opens the blockages of the body and removes the stress of the mind. Reiki has multi-level benefits. It heals our emotions and calms us down. Reiki has been proved healer as big to small health problems. In this era, Reiki is used as a complementary therapy in the hospitals of the world because Reiki helps to relieve the pain of the body and improve the mental tension. Reiki healing in Hotel Nepalaya is the course of Reiki Healing as well as Reiki initiation.

Reiki Healing in Hotel Nepalaya

Reiki is the energy from the universe. Reiki healing is the process of healing using universal energy which flows everywhere and every time. Reiki is the most effective alternative healing technique. It is believed that Buddha has invented Reiki before 500 BC to heal his disciples and the knowledge became hidden. Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer is a founder of Reiki. He invented Reiki by fasting and praying for 21 days in 1920 AD. Mikao Usui taught Reiki to many students and it became famous all around the world.

Reiki is very useful for the normal psychological problems like depression, anxiety, frustration etc. Reiki healing in Hotel Nepalaya is the healing practice without medicine, so it is related to natural healing. It doesn’t have side effects and it improves our every health-related issue. The most beautiful part of Reiki in Kathmandu is that it relaxes our body deeply. It heals our stress and increases our immune power. Reiki focuses on the natural healing power of our body. Our body has healing capacity and Reiki brings that capacity out.

Reiki is the medium of the overall development of our life. It enhances the power of coping with stress. Reiki is also used to the purification of the body. It is the life force energy and it helps us to start our spiritual journey. By the Reiki initiation in Hotel Nepalaya, you can be a good Reiki Healer and you can heal others. Initiation enables you to achieve the higher energy which is called universal energy. By transferring the energy that you gain, you can be able to heal the people.

Reiki energy can be given to every individual of the world even to the animals and trees. Reiki healing in Hotel Nepalaya focuses on the humanity and love. Reiki maintains the harmony in the body, among the people. Love matters in a healing process. Love is the source of a solution to every problem. Love of life and love to the humanity bring unity in the world. Unity is the prerequisite of human development.

Reiki Healing in Hotel Nepalaya heals our chakras. Chakras are the main energy centers of our body. Reiki makes positive to all 7 chakras. We become ill by being our chakras negative. If we can vitalize those chakras, we can recover from the diseases and we can prevent the diseases in our body. We can add color therapy and crystal therapy can be added in Reiki to accelerate the healing rate. Reiki healing in Hotel Nepalaya has unlimited power of healing and we must utilize it in a different sector.