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Acupressure / Reflexology Training in Hotel Nepalaya

Hotel Nepalaya wants to provide you with a very effective healing medium of your life. The name of the course is Reflexology and Acupressure training. Both Reflexology and Acupressure are a natural way of healing without using any medicine or anything else. Hotel Nepalaya which lies at Thamel in Kathmandu is a perfect destination to spiritual seekers of the world. This is the center of yoga in Nepal. Thamel is especially known as a hub for the tourists around the world. Nepal is a beautiful and natural country with the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest.


Reflexology and acupressure are very effective healing techniques of the human mind and body. They both open the blockages of our body and ease the circulation. Blood circulation plays an important role to send Oxygen each cell of the body. Reflexology and acupressure cleanse our body and keep our body and mind healthy. They purify our body and bring alertness to our mind. They have no side effects and they heal the diseases from the root cause of the diseases.


Reflexology is an alternative therapy by pressing on feet, hands, ears, fingers etc. without using oil. There are certain reflex points in our body and those all are inter-connected. The reflex points have the connection with the different parts of our body. If we press in the certain part of our foot, it heals the organ of our body which is related to that reflex point. Reflexology can cure different acute diseases too. This can improve our immune system and keeps us healthy.

reflexology training in nepal

We can take an example of reflex points of our feet. In our feet, there are most of the reflex points of our organs. Our feet have complete points of our stomach, liver, heart, lungs, brain, ears etc. If we press in the certain points of our foot, related organ starts to be healed. In this way, our hands and ears also have all those points related to the certain organs.


Acupressure is an alternative therapy. Our body has many meridian points which are called life energy. If the blockages stop the flow of the life energy in the meridian points, our body starts to be sick. If we open the blockages of the meridian points by pressing on the points, the flow of life energy continues, and we start to be healthy. Especially, the pressure has done by hands but nowadays there are a lot of instruments for pressure.

Acupressure is an old system of healing which is started in Asian country China about 5000 years ago. At the beginning centuries, Chinese used acupressure for beauty purpose of their face because acupressure can improve the muscle tone of the body. Acupressure can remove or prevent the wrinkles of the face. It keeps us young more than we really are. Acupressure can be the great relief from the pain of the body and stress of the mind. It relaxes our mind and gives the peace of the mind. 

Benefits of both are as follows since they have common benefits:

  1. They increase the immune system of your body and keep you mentally and physically healthy.
  2. They remove the toxins from the body and open the blockages.
  3. They increase your memory power and boost your concentration power.
  4. They make you refreshed and you can enjoy the freedom from any body pain.
  5. Your mental distraction will disappear.
  6. They both will help you to maintain charm on your face.
  7. They will improve your sleep and you will be free from insomnia.
  8. Your body will be relaxed and light.
  9. They will maintain the flexibility of your mind and body.
  10. Toxins and other negative elements of your body will be decreased.
  11. You will be free from the problems of your stomach.