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Power yoga is a powerful yoga practice which leads you to the level of strength of the body. Power yoga increases the flexibility of your body and mental strength. If you want extra power in your body, power yoga can be your perfect training. Power yoga is also called gym yoga because it was introduced at the first time in the gym of America. This yoga became effective there and people demanded. This requires extra effort to do and this yoga needs your power supplies the power you need.

Basically, power yoga was originated from the Vinyasa style of yoga during the 1990s. Two students of K. Pattabhi Jois introduced power yoga in America. Vinyasa is the flow of yoga which seeks the sequence of doing. This yoga is harder in doing than other simple yoga. This is the part of the Ashtanga yoga system. Power yoga started to become famous in America within the very short period. Power yoga became famous because it gave counting benefits to the people of America.

Pattabhi Jois is the founder of Astanga Vinyasa and his disciples of AmericaBryan Kestand Beryl Bender Birch started Vinyasa type of power yoga. People became attracted to this yoga and the demand for this yoga increased. This yoga manifested its physical and mental benefits among the people. People with the problems begun to be free from their problems. Even yoga emerged from the east, yoga spread from the western world. Power yoga asks the physical intensity of the body to enhance the power of the body. The body acquires extreme power through power yoga.

Why Power Yoga in your life?

Power yoga is considered as a power consuming and power obtaining yoga. At the first phase, power yoga needs the power to perform and after doing it gives power in the body. If you want strength in your body, this yoga is perfect. But, if you are sick, this yoga is not suitable for you. This yoga gives you the metabolism in your body. It increases the stamina of the body which helps you to stay healthy because of the increased immune system.

Health and happiness are two terms which play the vital role to make our life meaningful. If you want to be happy and healthy, this yoga can be the pathfinder of your life. We have lifeforce inside and power yoga brings up the force into the existence. Power yoga focuses on taking out your inherent ability into your conscious mind which can enable you to be creative.

Many scientific types of research have been proved that yoga can be a breakthrough in the life of the human being and they have found the amazing result in stress management. Nowadays, yoga has established as a best alternative way of healing. For the fitness of the body, power yoga can be the better source of your life.

In the 21st century, life without yoga becomes worthless in both materialistic and spiritual world. Power yoga is useful in every sector of your life. Yoga gives you the real existence in your life. Yoga connects you with the higher self of this universe. Yoga is the only way which can show the beautiful part of your life. If you see the positive side of your life, the probability of being sad can be decreased from your life.

If you want to start your days with yoga, you can give only 1 hour every day for your growth. Yoga forms the days you deserve, yoga provides you with the life you desire. Yoga can satisfy your overall sector of life. Yoga is the answer to every problem of your life. Yoga can address every demand of your mind. Yoga balances your life full of strength.