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One Week Yoga Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

One Week Yoga Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya is a perfect yoga retreat class which provides you with the best quality of yoga practice in Nepal. This retreat brings your curiosity in yoga and fulfills your every question about yoga. this yoga retreat in hotel Nepalaya changes your perspective about life. The course is the combination of yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, yoga theory, yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle and many more. You can find out the special strengths of your life by this one-week yoga retreat in Hotel Nepalaya.

Yoga Postures

Yoga is the whole system to find the self inside. Generally, yoga means yoga poses and yoga poses are the base of every yogic practice. Yoga opens the blockages in your body and keeps your body physically healthy. Yoga poses practice to cleanse the body. According to the yogic scriptures, there are 72 thousand nadis in our body altogether. It is believed that regular yoga practice can open the blockages of the nadis. There are three types of nadis and the names of them are as follows:

  1. Eda
  2. Pingala
  3. Sushumna

There are many yoga poses in the world, but their motive is the same. you will learn diifferent techniques of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga during your one week stay.


Meditation is the higher level of yogic practice because it can lead us to the higher consciousness. Meditation is the technique to be aware. The most important purpose of meditation is to be still from outside to inside. Meditation is very useful to stress-free life. meditation can balance our body and mind. Meditation is the way to connect with the soul. It can be the real guidance of your life. The types of meditation which you can learn in One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya are as follows:

  1. Buddha meditation
  2. Mindful meditation
  3. Stress-free meditation
  4. Guided meditation
  5. Vipassana meditation

Yoga and meditation are the part of the yogic way of life. Yogic practice becomes meaningful when we connect our practice with yoga philosophy.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga philosophy is the teaching of how yoga can be applied in your daily life. One week yoga retreat in Hotel Nepalaya holds the answer to how can we make our daily life easy and smooth. It seeks the change in the behaviour of the people with full of enthusiasm. It is the motivation to live a meaningful life. It is the inspiration to change the way you live. Philosophy is the main part which leads us to the level of understating.

Yoga philosophy teaches you how to live this life without any stress. It guides your life in the right direction. The beautiful part of yoga philosophy is that it is the most positive way of living with. It gives the guidance in the following sectors:

  1. How to maintain the good relationship with the people.
  2. How to think with a great mind.
  3. How to live yogic life in your daily life.
  4. How to become a good yogi.

The benefits of One Week Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya are as follows:

  1. Yoga and meditation retreat lead you to the physical and mental health with full of happiness in your life.
  2. The strength of your life increases and your memory power will be boosted. You can optimize your concentration power.
  3. The flexibility and stretch will be improved.
  4. Your thinking pattern will be positive.
  5. Your perspective to see the world will be changed.
  6. You will be able to respect humanity.
  7. You can develop your consciousness.
  8. Your thought will be broadening.
  9. Your life will be awesome.