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One Night Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

One Night Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

Why Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya?

Hotel Nepalaya has organized a very short-term yoga retreat class in Kathmandu, Thamel. This short period yoga retreat is very important to you if you want to have wonderful yoga training even in a short time. 1 Night Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya is for the people who have no time to attend the long yoga courses. This yoga is smart and superb which can be learnt in a short period of time. Hotel Nepalaya is a hotel which provides you with all types of yoga as well as hotel to stay.

If you are in Nepal and don’t have more time to take any yoga courses, you can come to the Hotel Nepalaya. You can learn yoga by staying in the hotel. It is easy because the yoga retreat and your residence will be in the same building. This yoga is for those who what to bring positive change in their life. You can learn every aspect of yoga in 1 Night Two Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya. This retreat is alsovery useful to those who come to Nepal only for trekking. You can utilize your arriving time or returning time in this retreat. You don’t have to come to Nepal only for this retreat. Your journey will be purposeful in multi-sector.

Hotel Nepalaya 1 Night 2 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat Course Includes:

  • Yoga Poses
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Meditation techniques.

Yoga Poses

There are different yoga poses styles in this retreat course. Hatha yoga, VinyasaAstanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kriya yoga etc. Yoga poses are helpful to maintain your physical health. Yoga poses keep us fit and fine.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise heals your mind. Breathing exercise cleanses our brain and mind. Breathing exercise plays a great role to remove the toxins from our body. There are different types of breathing exercise which include in this retreat. They are Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Shitali, Shitkari, Bhramari etc.

Meditation Techniques

There are a lot of ways to meditate. Meditation is very important to remove the stress from your mind. Meditation gives us real pleasure in our life. It is the part of the inner journey. Your inner journey starts with yoga. Buddha meditation, Vipashyana meditation, relaxing meditation etc. are some types of meditation which include in this course.

Theory of yoga and yoga philosophy

There is a theoretical part also in yoga. We must understand the basic knowledge about yoga to perform the best in yoga class. The theory is the guidance in yoga practice, but it also has a great role in yoga learning.

Yoga philosophy is the inseparable part of yoga so without yoga philosophy, the yoga class cannot be completed. Philosophy gives us the insight to live the yogic way of life. Yoga philosophy leads us to the happy and healthy life. Yoga philosophy is only the way to be free from the burden of life. Yoga philosophy teaches us how to live our life beautifully. Philosophy is the different lifestyle to live

What Do You Benefits From Yoga and Meditation Retreat?

  • The first and most important benefit of yoga is a healthy and happy life.
  • Yoga improves your memory power and it boosts your concentration capacity.
  • Yoga is the way of positive thinking.
  • Yoga leads us to the higher level of understanding in every sector.
  • Yoga makes us stress-free and it gives us total freedom in our life.
  • Yoga gives us the strength to go ahead in our life.
  • Yoga gives us the hope in life of every individual of the world.
  • Yoga has the power to change your life in the right direction.
  • Yoga maintains your flexibility of the body.
  • Yoga increases the strength of your body and mind.