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One month Yoga Retreat at Nepalaya Yoga School

One month affordable mindfulness Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Nepalaya Yoga School conducts one month Yoga Retreat in a peaceful and beautiful environment of Kathmandu inside Nepal’s greatest tourism hub, Thamel. It has been conducting the retreat classes for all the people of the world. You can enjoy nutritious foods which are vegetarian and vegan items. To provide a properly balanced diet we have a food-nutritionist. Nepalaya Yoga School provides cozy accommodation of Hotel Nepalaya to make your stay comfortable during the yoga retreat. You can be connected to the world with the Wi-Fi services. All the required facilities are available here for your excellent practice. All people from all religion, profession, level, age, etc. can join. There is no any bar. Whoever has an interest in Yoga, they can join.

The following things are included in One Month Yoga Retreat at Nepalaya Yoga School:

  • Philosophy of yoga:the origin of yoga, its fundamentals, and the eight limbs, its approach, and applications
  • Yoga Asana (yoga postures): You will learn around 200 yoga postures in detailed practice. You will learn the science of each and every poses as well as their correct alignment.
  • Joints and subtle Exercises:Human body consists various joints from head to toes. Those joints have special exercises which are necessary before the practice o0f yoga asana.
  • Pranayama: It is breathing exercise, breath control and breath conscious to activate the vital energy. You will learn around 10 breathing techniques.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: If you have any physical complication, then therapeutic yoga is also taught for the early recovery of heath.
  • Meditation and awareness:There are different techniques of meditation to increase awareness and mindfulness. You will learn some of the important techniques of meditation.
  • Relaxation and Yoga Nindra:Yoga Nindra is also referred to as yogic sleep which gives quick relaxation with awareness.
  • Mudra:It is palm and fingers gesture to heal the body, to increase the health and for spiritual growth
  • Yogic cleansing:There is a system of body cleaning in a yogic method to purify the body by washing away the toxic substances (Yoga Detox). It is very helpful to stay healthy and to feel lighter.
  • General Ayurveda: Itis an eastern philosophy related to Vedas for healing diseases. It uses natural methods without any uses of drugs.
  • Mantra: Mantra is word, phrase or sentence/s with specific energy vibrations. Various types of mantra chanting have their special energy wave. That energy can be used for attaining normal health and spiritual growth.

Besides, there are many more things to learn. You will understand the science of health and how to keep yourself and others healthy. You can be your doctor and help others as well in case of health. You will learn the art of a happy and healthy life a correct art of living after the course of one-month yoga and meditation retreat at Nepalaya Yoga School.  You will learn how to live being yourself and awaken your inner energy. The tendency of forgetting the self and coping other disappears after the completion of one-month yoga and meditation retreat. You will be closer and closer to yourself and realize your true spirit. So, one-month yoga and meditation retreat proves to be the most fruitful part of your life.