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Meditation Retreat in Hotel Nepalaya

Hotel Nepalaya: Meditation Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal

Newly changed management of Hotel Nepalaya has decided to establish the hotel as a true spiritual destination of the world in Kathmandu at Thamel. We want to give you the pure taste of meditation at the centre of the town with modern facilities of this era by organization meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya. We want to address your desire of finding the perfect purpose of your life. The place is peaceful, and it gives you the spiritual touch. You can learn the authentic aspect of meditation here.

You can join in meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya as you like. There are different packages of meditation retreat short term to long term. We target all level and all age group in the retreat. You can take part as your choice in the meditation class. It could be flexible as your choice. This retreat will be very effective for the people who want to enter the self and find the real meaning of life.

Why Meditation in Nepal?

Meditation in Nepal becomes specific because this is the land of many yogis in the ancient time. It is believed that many yogis are still meditating in the Himalayan region. Hotel Nepalaya organizes meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya in Kathmandu to promote the original form of meditation. Meditation is a medium to balance the body, mind and spirit. To live a balanced life, we should practice meditation in our daily life. We focus on both aspects of mediation; the former is pure meditation, and another is to practice life as a meditation in every action.

In the broader sense, meditation is to transform our life. Meditation can transform our life drastically into a positive direction. The passion of life increases after this meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya. The most important benefit of meditation is that it can make you able to control your mind. Mindfulness and awareness are the common quality of each type of meditation. Meditation is the exercise of the mind whereas yoga pose is the exercise of the body. To bring mental balance, meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya plays a vital role in your life.

Best Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu

Meditation retreat in Kathmandu will yield you the most precious present of your life, mental peace. You can realise your real being at the first time ever in your life. Your creativity will boost, and you can concentrate more on your goal. Meditation is very useful for the better sleep if your sleep is not good. Meditation helps to release the stress removing hormones which keep you happy in your life.

Hotel Nepalaya Offers Different Types of Meditations

  1. Buddha Meditation
  2. Mindful meditation
  3. Vipashyana meditation
  4. Nada Meditation
  5. Dhyana Meditation
  6. Guided Meditation
  7. Rajayoga Meditation
  8. Chakra Meditation
  9. Kundalini Meditation

Health Benefits of Meditations

All the meditations have common benefits. They are preferred by the nature of the person. Meditation brings maturity in the person. Meditation is the medium to bring positive circumstances and you must practice it to find the benefits of the meditation.

Meditation helps to open the blockages of your body. It eliminates the toxins in the body and keeps us healthy. Health is the most important wealth of life. To be healthy mentally and physically, we should practice yoga, pranayama and meditation daily in our life. Meditation is the best way to relax in your life. Relaxation of the body increases the flow of oxygen in the blood cells which keeps you healthy.

Life should not live randomly rather it must live with a proper plan of better future. The better plan of life can be fixed by the practice of meditation in life so hotel Nepalaya has organized meditation retreat at Thamel in Kathmandu to make you able to take the right decision in your life. Right decision assures us for the secured future. Please, start a first step to the golden future of your life by attending a meditation retreat in Hotel Nepalaya.