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Kundalini Awakening Through Singing Bowl in Hotel Nepalaya

Kundalini Awakening Through Singing Bowl in Hotel Nepalaya

Kundalini awakening is the eventual goal of every yogic practice in the world. Kundalini can be awakened by various methods more than yoga, among them music can also play the crucial role to awaken the Kundalini power of the human being. Hotel Nepalaya has introduced an amazing package of singing bowl class to awaken your Kundalini energy. Music is used as the best way of relaxation everywhere in the world. As we know that Vedic philosophy has emphasized music in most of its cultural ceremony. Vedic knowledge focuses on enlightenment which is possible through Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is the central energy which situated at the bottom of the spine according to Hindu Philosophy. Furthermore, it states that there is the Shusumna, which is the main Nadi, remains in the spine below from the base Chakra to Crown Chakra which is the path of Kundalini power to go Crown Chakra. There are other 2 Nadis in Shusumna, they are Ida and Pingala. Ida is the left channel and it starts from the base Chakra and ends left nostril of our nose and Pingala is the right channel and it starts from the base Chakra and it ends right nostril. There is the Kundalini power in the base Chakra and when the power awakens it starts to go towards the crown Chakra, which is called Kundalini awakening.

The singing bowl is a kind of musical instrument which is used in the meditation to go into the deeper level. The singing bowl can be helpful to awaken the Kundalini energy like yogic other practice. This is the instrument which has been used in Buddhist religious practice and it has been practised since ancient time. Especially, a singing bowl is used in meditation practice and chanting in a group but it can also be used in personal practice. The most important reason to use this singing bowl is that it can allure our mind and bring us to the deeper level. It gives us the total pleasure which can help us to awaken our Kundalini power. People use this bowl for music therapy also to heal different diseases. Singing bowl relaxes our body and increases the immune system in the body. It can heal different physical and mental diseases.

Seven chakras are the energy centres of the human body and they play the vital role in entering the energy into the body. The singing bowl can produce different level of music for 7 different chakras to open those all chakras of the human body. The seven Chakras from the bottom to top respectively are as follows:

1.      Base chakra

2.      Sacral Chakra

3.      Solar plexus chakra

4.      Heart chakra

5.      Throat chakra

6.      Third eye chakra

7.      Crown chakra

There is the question of how can singing bowl help us in Kundalini awakening in Hotel Nepalaya?

The singing bowl can open the seven Chakras of our body. When those seven chakras start to open, the Kundalini energy starts to awaken, and it goes towards the Crown chakra through the path of 7 energy centres. The Sushumna is the channel from where the kundalini energy goes upwards. The most important factor here is that we must open all seven chakras to awaken the Kundalini energy. Singing bowl helps us to cleanse and open our seven chakras. After cleansing 7 chakras, singing bowl helps us to awaken our kundalini power. 

When the Kundalini energy awakens, we start to experience a wonderful life without any stress of our mind and the ailments of the body. Our body becomes aware all the time and we can enjoy every moment of our life. Life becomes a blessing to live in this world. They can understand the meaning of living on this planet earth. So, the singing bowl can be the best way of kundalini awaking. Hotel Nepalaya has decided to give you every system for spiritual growth which can help you to awaken your Kundalini.