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Kundalini Awakening by Chakra Healing

Kundalini Awakening by Chakra Healing in Hotel Nepalaya

The prime energy of our body is latent inside, and we can activate that energy through Kundalini awaking. To awaken that dormant energy, we should activate all 7 chakras. The Kundalini power lies at the bottom of the spine, base chakra. For Kundalini Awakening, we should bring that energy upside to the crown chakra via crossing 6 chakras. There are 72000 Nadis which are paths to flow the energy and we must open that path by different yogic practice like yoga, pranayama, meditation, mudras, and kriyas. The most important medium in awakening the kundalini energy is to activate 7 chakras.

7 chakras are the main paths from where the energy enters the body if those chakras cannot absorb the energy due to the blockages, our body doesn’t become ready to handle the kundalini awakening shock. The first and most important requirement in kundalini awakening is to make ready the body by opening the seven chakras. Among 7 chakras the heart chakra balances other six chakras, three lower and three higher than the heart chakra. Lower three chakras are related to the materialistic growth and higher three chakras are related to the spiritual growth.

Seven chakras and their activation (kundalini awakening) process or healing techniques:

  1. Base Chakra: When we can activate this base chakra, we become fearless from inside. To improve the family relationship, we should open this chakra. This is also related to physical health and decision-making power. It can be opened by the regular practice of meditation concentrating on this chakra. The colour related to this chakra is red and the mantra is Lam.


  1. Sacral Chakra: This chakra is related to the desires of a human being. If this chakra is not activated, the person has a lot of desires in his mind. When you can open this chakra, you can control your desires and you can enjoy your life. The colour to activate this chakra is orange and the mantra is Wam.


  1. Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra is related with the power and energy. If this chakra is positive, the person has the good leadership quality. The colour related to this chakra is yellow and the mantra is Ram. Self-Confident and responsibility are the qualities which you can develop after activating this chakra.


  1. Heart chakra: This is the middle chakra of all 7. This is related with the selfless love towards the people and any other creatures of the world. You can able to love yourself when this chakra becomes positive. The colour of this chakra is green, and the mantra is Ham. Through this chakra, you can achieve the higher consciousness.


  1. Throat Chakra: This is the fifth chakra and related to an expression of the truth. It helps you to be creative to express your feelings. The colour related to this chakra is blue and the mantra is Ham.


  1. Third Eye Chakra This chakra is related to intuition. This sixth chakra is very important to spiritual growth. The energy flows through this chakra to the crown. It gives you the analytical ability with logical power. This is directly related to the brain and the spirit. This increases your memory capacity and compassion. The colour of this chakra is indigo, and the mantra is Aum.


  1. Crown Chakra: This chakra is directly related to the highest spiritual achievement. When the kundalini power reaches here, we can be enlightened with full of joy and blessing. Life meets its highest goal in this planet earth. We can find stillness in the mind and lightness in the body. The goal can be achieved by activating this chakra. The colour of this chakra is white, and the mantra is Aum.

The most important factor is that the activation of all seven chakras can enable us to awake our kundalini power which has been dormant in the bottom of the spine. To get enlightened, the kundalini energy should pass those seven chakras upwards. Most of the time energy flows towards below but we must try to send them towards the upside by different yogic practice and visualization on all seven chakras.