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Colour Healing in Nepal at Hotel Nepalaya

Colour Healing in Nepal at Hotel Nepalaya

Hotel Nepalaya provides an alternative healing technique “Colour healing in Nepal“. Like yoga and Ayurveda, colour healing is also a separate healing method. Colour healing was invented in the ancient time and has been continued so far. When the concept of Chakra was developed by the great yogis in Hindu philosophy, they gave the concept of colour related with Chakras too. This kind of colour healing was also practised in the Chinese and Egyptian civilization. Only seven colours are used in colour healing method because they are the energy provider in our body through our Chakras. Colour healing is also called chromotherapy.

The different web length of the light of the sun is called colour. There are different seven colours in the rays of the sun. Those seven colours have their importance in the human body. There are seven energy centres in the human body and the seven colours of the sun symbolize the seven chakras of the body. Those seven colours provide energy to the energy centres of the human body. Healing by providing certain colour into the energy centres as the colour is called colour healing.

Energy centres and their related colours in colour healing:

1.      Base Centre- Red

2.      Sacral Centre- Orange

3.      Solar Plexus- Yellow

4.      Heart- Green

5.      Throat- Blue

6.      Third Eye- Indigo

7.      Crown- Violet

Colour plays a vital role in human health. It is related to the different feelings of a person. Some colours are so pretty, so attractive and so calm and some colours are irritated. For example, blue and white colours are the symbol of peace. Red is the symbol of courage. Colour effects in human psychology so it can be used as a healing method to heal physical and mental sickness. The green colour is the symbol of nature which yields us the great serenity in our life.

To make our life colourful, we must utilize the colour for our health and happiness. Colour can create a kind of positive magnetic energy field around us. Colour effects us on a different level like physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

The characteristics of colours are as follows:

1.      Yellow

Yellow colour represents the wisdom, intellectuality, confidence, and logic of the human mind. By the lack of this colour in the body, it causes the mental tiredness, mental strain etc. It is the symbol of the solar plexus centre of the body.


2.      Green

The green colour is the symbol of generosity, sympathetic, harmonious, practical and understanding. Green is the balancing colour. Some colours are hot, and some are cool, but Green is the moderate colour. It is the symbol of nature because the colour of the plants is green.

3.      Blue

The blue colour is the symbol of peaceful, trusting, loyal and tactfulness. This colour is related to our throat chakra. It covers the area of self-expression, speech, communication. It maintains the peace of mind.

4.      Orange

Orange is the symbolic colour of self-respect. This is the sign of the sacral centre of the human body. We respect ourselves and others too when the sacral centre becomes positive. Joyfulness, creativeness, self-confidence, independence, enthusiasm are some positive aspects to this colour.

5.      Red

The positive aspects of red colour are confidence, energetic, courageous, leadership. This is related to the base centre. This colour is also related with security and stability.

6.      Indigo

This is the colour which is related with third eye chakra. This is symbolized of intuition, devotion to the job, the responsibility of the self, fearlessness, and sense of unity. This leads us to the higher level of spiritual growth.

7.      Violet

The main symbol of violet colour is self-awareness and self-knowledge. This colour is related to justice and kindness. This leads us to the union with the higher self, the supreme self. We can purify the crown chakra by continuous meditation practice.