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What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of planetary position and their effects in human life, events and places. In every tradition of the world, astrology has played a very powerful role in human psychology. Human has been influenced by the planetary reading for ages. They relate it with the luck. In the modern world, the importance of astrology reading in increasing because the world is in the state of confusion. The astrology reading can show you your natural capacity and give you the right direction.

The astrology reading is the description of your life according to your birth chart. Birth chart means the position of the planets when you were born. The position of the planets when you were born effects rest of your life, so to have the knowledge about the planetary position is important. Astrology is the science of life, living and human relationship. Planets have either positive or negative vibration and we receive that vibration according to the position of the planets when we were born.

Astrology science not only reads your birth chart but also gives you the right solution in your life. The solution to a happier and healthier life. It is a kind of counselling in a sense. In Hindu philosophy, there are a lot of amazing life-related factors which are very useful in human life if we use them properly. Hindu philosophy had developed with the contribution of great yogis. Yoga philosophy has become the powerful medium to solve the different problems of the people around the world, so astrology is.

Astrology can give you the real reason of your emotional state and you will get the real solution by this. Astrology gives you the mental satisfaction and the power to cope with your problems. It also gives you the solution to be free from your stressful life.

What is Palmistry(Palm Reading)?

Palm Reading

Palmistry is the study of the human hand to forecast the future of the person. There is the tradition of palmistry in every culture of the world. Hindu culture has been led by the great scriptures and one of them is palmistry. Palm reading can release the character, quality, personality and nature of the person by analysing the shape, size and structure of palm and fingers. Palm reader focuses on the lines of the hand to predict the future of the person.

On one hand palm reading can define the destiny of the person and on the other hand, it shows the right direction to the people for their growth. There are different lines on our hand and major four names are as given below:

  • Life line
  • Head line
  • Heart line
  • Fate line

Experience Astrology and Palmistry in Hotel Nepalaya

There are other small and significant lines also on our hand and the palm reader should study all of them very clearly. By reading the size, structure and lines, the good palm reader gives you the right direction of your life. It is believed that our hand is mental shadow and we can change our lines of the hand by correcting our thinking pattern.

Our priority is to give you the right direction of your life. We want to help you to come out from your frustration and dilemma of your life. Our desire is to provide you with a happy and joyful life. Our real purpose is to give you the solution to your mental stress. It is the effort of making this world a peaceful land. Both astrology and palm reading are the medium to get rid of our mental stresses and the confusion of life. They both can lead us to the stress-free and purposeful life. They are the guidance of your life to follow the right direction, to find the right path to walk along.