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What is Astrology?

Astrology is the connected subject with the planets of the solar system. An astrology reading is done by the calculation of the position of the planets. In our birth period, there was fix state of the planets. Those state of planets can affect the rest of our life, according to astrology. Planets can affect the nature, capacity and strength of the person. There are 9 planets in astrology. They have different qualities.

The Nine Planets(Astrology) Are as Follows:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Saturn
  • Rahu
  • Ketu

Those planets are not related with 8 planets of the solar system. In Vedic astrology sun and moon are also considered as planets. Those all planets are related with the 12 zodiacs. Zodiacs represent 12 months of the year. They rotate regularly in the universe. When the planets rotate, they form an angle of rays and the rays or radiation of certain planet to a certain degree affect our human body and mind.

An astrologer can see personal quality, hard times and different other parts of human beings with the help of a birth chart. The birth chart can be made by 3 factors of the person, they are a birth date, birth time and birthplace. Ascendant is very important in the birth chart because this can reveal your personal qualities, inherent capacity and nature. It can show how courageous you are and how smart you are. It is the representation of your body.

There are 12 houses in the birth chart having different aspects of life.

We can see some aspects of the whole 12 houses as follows:

  • First house: Personal growth, character, personal features, looks
  • Second house: Speech, wealth, self-worth, family, the ability for earning money
  • Third house: Communication skill, short journey, courage, mental strength
  • Fourth house: Home, domestic affairs, cars, later part of life
  • Fifth house: Creativity, children, self-expression
  • Sixth house: Health, diet, debt
  • Seventh house: Relationship, partnership, marriage, wife or husband
  • Eighth house: Sorrow, obstacles
  • Ninth house: Higher knowledge, luck, fortune, publicity, spiritual inclination
  • Tenth house: Business, work, profession, job, occupation, success
  • Eleventh house: Society, friends, gains, profits, desire and wish fulfilment
  • Twelfth house: Expenses, loss, poverty, misery, foreign land

If the placement of the planets in our houses is favourable, the planet can give the positive result and vice versa. We must see all round factors before predicting someone’s horoscope. The degree wise calculation can be considered. We can give some suggestion to change the life of people in a good way. A good astrologer helps you to grow up by giving you the right direction. He or she can show your real field and give a remedy for the negative planets. He or she listens to the client’s problems and gives the remedies.

What is Astrological Counselling?

Astrological counselling is the work of helping people to handle the problems of their life. By the counselling, one can understand their life and their nature. People can be free from the fear and stress. In Nepal and India, it has become a tradition. Most of the people go to the astrologer in the shake of finding the solution to the problem. Especially, they go to the astrological counsellor for their marriage. It is believed that we must match the marriage traits of boy and girl in the horoscope before marriage.

The most important part or the astrological counselling is that people share their problems and get the right solution to their problems. If the problem comes by the planet, they will give you the mantras related to the planet to correct the waves of the planet. You can find your real nature and ability of your life by this.