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500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

Nepalaya Yoga School is a great and universal yoga studio at Thamel, Kathmandu for conducting the course of 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. Nepal, the original place of yoga, is the most favorable portion of the earth where the divine vibration of ancient penance of past enlightened person can be felt. Nepalaya Yoga School is under the same roof of Hotel Nepalaya. Hygienic and natural food is served in the Hotel with a peaceful residence where you can practice all types of spiritual activities. Holy and sacred people come to the spiritual hotel and get highly benefited with different types of spiritual practices and yoga. If you are in a spiritual visit and want sanctified company, then Hotel Nepalaya is the best place to stay. Nepalaya Yoga School, under Hotel Nepalaya, has been giving a perfect form of yoga practice by an expert group of teachers. The course “500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal” is fit all levels of practitioners from basic to advance. The basic level students enter the new world of yoga, start adapting it. Intermediates students increase the level of practice with more flexibility. The advanced level students rejoice with the mindfulness and awareness of the divine practice of yoga.

What You’ll Learn on 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Nepalaya?

500 hours yoga teacher training in Nepal will enable you to understand the importance of yoga in the daily life of human beings. You can learn how to teach asanas, pranayama and meditation to your student when you will be in front of your students. You will improve your skills of yoga throughout this yoga teacher training course. This yoga teacher training course tries to fulfil your needs to become a registered yoga teacher.

You will learn yoga philosophy in depth such as Yoga Sutra and Vedanta Darshan (Philosophy). Philosophy is the spirit of yogic practice, so you will be able to teach yoga philosophy too in your yoga class. You can be able to identify the body type and recommend specific individual yoga practice for your students. The knowledge of human anatomy is also very important in yoga learning and you must match anatomy in yogic practice. Human physiology is the most important factor for you because you are becoming a good yoga teacher.

The course is designed in such a way that all age group, as well as both male and female, can adjust. The course is not merely apprehensive for better health but also for uplifting the spiritual level. You can enjoy the state of blissfulness in this spiritual environment with exquisite yoga practice. The course is highly comprehensive and includes varieties of yoga in a perfect manner. This course also let you grow in professional life. Your capacity to work effectively increases. You can work enthusiastically for longer duration without fatigue. You will remain pleasant and peace all the time. One does not try to copy other or try to be like other. He becomes original and become the self.

Whatever the qualities one possesses, the yoga course help to discover and explore it in the world. It also teaches to be connected with nature and understand the universal rule of nature. He gets the ability to learn from all and everything. If you so desire, you can also work as a yoga teacher. After the completion of “500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal”, you will get an American/Australian alliance Certificate. You will get proficiency to teach yoga all over the world. The features and course schedule of “500 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal at Nepalaya Yoga School” are as follows:

  • Introduction and practice of different systems of yoga
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Seven Bodies and seven chakras
  • Ayurveda and healing methods with different herbal plants
  • Therapeutic yoga and treatment techniques with yoga-asana (posture), pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology and teaching practice
  • Yogic philosophy and ethics on a practical basis
  • Principles and art of healthy and harmonious living
  • Art of living being harmonized to nature and self.

“500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal” at Nepalaya Yoga School is a great opportunity for the progress of all round dimensions of the people. Disciplined students enliven in yogic world abiding in a blissful state with splendid yoga practice. The course circumnavigates all the modern systems of yoga like Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga Vikram Yoga etc. which proves to be very useful for the apprehension of medleys techniques in yoga practice.  This is also a great chance to meet different yogis of Nepal and learn the yoga with the deep level.

Each student is personally taken care for perfect alignment in the yoga posture and subtly guided throughout the training. The environment of Nepalaya Yoga School is much amicable which is abundant grasp the systems in a playful and happy manner. The course proves to be the most effective lesson in life and helps you throughout life as well as the afterlife.  Thus “500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training” at Nepalaya Yoga School is the most ideal decision of your life.

Benefits Of 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

  • This yoga teacher training gives you an amazing opportunity to be a very inspiring yoga teacher around the world.
  • You will be identified the body type of your students and recommend the special yoga poses to the student.
  • You will be blessed with the right knowledge of yoga with yogic philosophy.
  • Your spiritual journey will be clearer in your life.
  • Your vision will be clear to be a good yoga teacher.
  • You will be healthy from physically and mentally.