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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Hotel Nepalaya

Hotel Nepalaya at Thamel, Kathmandu offers you a golden opportunity to learn 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in the heart of the city. You will be blessed by the deep relaxation of this yoga teacher training course in Nepal. Hotel Nepalaya provides you 200 hours yoga teacher training course in a spiritual environment. We offer you a certificate of all famous yoga alliances of the world such as Indian yoga alliance, American yoga alliance, Australian yoga alliance, Italian yoga alliance etc. Our certificate is accepted by 84 countries of the world.

200 hours yoga teacher training in Nepal

Yoga teacher training is a course which enables you to be a good yoga teacher. You attend the class as a student as well as a teacher. The best achievement of 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya is that you can get the chance to gain the knowledge of every aspect of yoga. You can learn different yoga poses, different breathing exercises, different meditation techniques in the class.

Highly experienced teachers will give you the class. The friendly environment of class between students and teachers support you to learn without any pressure. You can ask questions as you want to ask. 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya is for all level of students, beginners and who is familiar with yoga can join in the class.

The place is peaceful even in the heart of the city of Nepal. You will get the chance to give class among your fellow friends where you can improve your errors in front of the teacher. Teachers will lead you to make you as a good yoga teacher. You will able to develop your self-esteem and confidence level. You will bring your teacher outside by 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya. Your potentiality to be a good yoga teacher will be coming out by this yoga teacher training in Kathmandu.


Yoga gives you total satisfaction in your life. Happiness and joyfulness are the common achievements of yoga. Yoga teaches you how to maintain stillness in life. Your demand from your life will be fulfilled by yoga. Yoga can be the blessing of your life. The benefits of yoga cannot be expressed in words, but it can be felt by the true heart. It will be the awesome experience of life. You should have first-hand experience to realize yoga.

Nepal is the birth country of yogis like Buddha, so this place is called sacred. Yoga in the sacred place becomes more effective than any other land in the world. Nepali culture supports the yogic practice. Yoga becomes a cultural part in Nepal. We will provide you with the original form of yoga with its scientific evidence. 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya is a package for every individual of the world who want to change their life in a positive way.

Life of the people is for the transformation so if we get some platform to bring an evolution of the humanity, we can achieve the most valuable journey of our life. Life seems to happen some extraordinary breakthrough. Yoga is the real medium of the spiritual journey. Yoga increases our creative power. In the course 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya you will learn how to start the journey of your soul, the journey to the mystery, the journey to the happiness and healthy life.

200 hours Yoga Teacher training

The place where 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hotel Nepalaya takes place is surrounded by the big marketplace. You can enjoy your weekend in the market there. The place gives you both facilities; peaceful environment inside with full of market outside. Thamel, Kathmandu is a tourist hub where a lot of tourists come for the different purpose and in that crowd, some of like you seek yoga and spirituality. You can manage your time to travel to different places after or before your yoga teacher training because Nepal is the country of Himalaya. There are 8 mountains higher than 8000 m including Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.